Registered Address in Samoa

Meet the local requirements by using a valid and professional registered address for your offshore international company (IC) in Samoa.

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You'll Stay Compliant Always

Included in the package

Enhanced Privacy with Professional Look

Included in the package

Ease in Official Mail Management

Registered Address in Samoa

Registered Address Service



Meet Samoa's address requirement remotely from worldwide.



Use a professional address to ensure maximum privacy.



Comply with regulatory needs such as register maintenance.



Premium registered address service at very low cost.

What is a Registered Address in Samoa?

The registered address is used for official correspondence from Samoan government authorities, and it ensures that your company has a valid and recognized location for receiving important documents and notices.

  • Why do you need a registered address in Samoa?

  • It is legally mandatory that your company have a physical registered address in Samoa to form and maintain your international company in good standing.

  • Effectively manage your company's official mail from the Samoan authorities with confidence and professionalism, along with course of action support.

  • This helps protect your privacy and prevents unsolicited communications at your home or office from institutions such as banks, insurance companies, etc.


Why use a registered address?

Find out the benefits and reasons to using a registered address for your offshore company in Samoa

It is mandatory

It is Mandatory

The Samoa jurisdiction mandates that you use a local registered address when you are incorporating your international company in Samoa. It is a mandatory legal requirement, which you must meet and abide by.

Enhanced Privacy

Enhanced Privacy

Enjoy enhanced privacy by using a local and professional registered address provider who will help keep you away from unsolicited communications. This adds an added layer of identity protection for your company.

Bridging Communication

Bridging Communication

A registered address acts as your point of contact for official communication from government bodies, banks, and regulatory authorities. Translation and interpretation of communications become easier with our assistance.

Professional Credibility

Professional Credibility

Maintaining a registered address can enhance your company's image, projecting professionalism and legitimacy to potential clients and partners, especially when operating in an international environment.

Document Registers

Document Registers

Important registers of directors, shareholders, and UBOs, as well as maintaining local active repositories of financial statements and documents as required by law, become streamlined with a registered address.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Knowing your company is in compliance with local regulations and has a reliable point of contact for official matters provides peace of mind and allows you to concentrate on managing and growing your business.


Are you a professional?

Attorneys, lawyers, finance professionals, investment advisors, and other professionals supporting clients with offshore formations and compliance: We can help you simplify processes and enhance client satisfaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions on using a registered address for offshore company formation and ongoing management in Samoa

Can I use any address as my registered address in Samoa?

No, you cannot use any address as your registered address in Samoa. The registered address must be a physical location within the country provided by a licensed corporate service provider. These service providers ensure that the address meets legal requirements and can receive official documents on your company's behalf, ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations.

Do I need a registered address for my Samoan company?

Yes, having a registered address is mandatory for all companies registered in Samoa, including international companies. This requirement is stipulated by the Companies Act 2001, ensuring that your company maintains a physical presence within the jurisdiction for legal and regulatory purposes. A registered address facilitates effective communication with regulatory bodies and ensures transparency by providing a verifiable location for stakeholders. Additionally, it may be required for opening corporate bank accounts and conducting business activities in Samoa.

Can I change my registered address after incorporating my company in Samoa?

Yes, you can change your registered address after incorporating your company in Samoa. The process involves filing a formal notice with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Labour (MCIL), notifying them of the change, and providing details of the new registered address. Additionally, you need to inform relevant parties, such as banks and government authorities, to ensure uninterrupted service and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Can a registered address provider also serve as the company's registered agent?

Yes, a registered address provider can also serve as the company's registered agent in Samoa. Registered agent services typically include the provision of a registered address, along with additional services such as mail forwarding and legal representation. By engaging a registered address provider that also offers registered agent services, you can streamline administrative processes and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. We offer both registered address and registered agent services as part of our offerings.

Can a virtual office be used as the registered address in Samoa?

Using a virtual office as the registered address for a Samoan company is permissible under certain conditions. A virtual office can provide a professional business address and mail forwarding services without the need for a physical office space. However, it is essential to ensure that the virtual office complies with regulations set forth by the MCIL and is authorized to act as a registered address provider. Additionally, verify that the virtual office address meets all legal requirements for registered addresses in Samoa.

What is a registered address for a Samoan company?

A registered address in Samoa is the official physical location where your company is legally registered. It serves as the company's primary point of contact for legal and administrative purposes. All official documents, government notices, and legal correspondence will be sent to this address. The requirement for a registered address is governed by the Companies Act 2001, which regulates the incorporation and operation of companies in Samoa. Licensed corporate service providers in Samoa must comply with regulations set forth by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Labor (MCIL) to ensure they can fulfill their obligations regarding registered addresses.

Is there a minimum term for appointing a registered address provider in Samoa?

There is no minimum term for appointing a registered address provider in Samoa. It is advisable to enter into a service agreement outlining the terms, duration, and renewal of the arrangement to ensure clarity and transparency in the relationship.

Can I use a registered address for other purposes besides company registration?

No, the registered address of a Samoan company cannot be used for conducting business operations. It is solely designated for legal and administrative purposes, such as receiving official correspondence and legal notices from regulatory authorities.

What happens if I don't maintain a registered address in Samoa?

Failing to maintain a registered address in Samoa is a serious breach of compliance that may result in penalties and other adverse consequences. The Companies Act 2001 outlines potential penalties for non-compliance, and the Registrar of Companies may take action to deregister your company if you fail to maintain a registered address, essentially dissolving your company. Additionally, without a registered address, your company may miss important legal notices, jeopardizing its legal standing and exposing it to potential legal liabilities.

Can I use a post office box as the registered address for my Samoan company?

No, a post office box cannot be used as the registered address for a Samoan company. The registered address must be a physical location with a street address within Samoa and provided by a licensed corporate service provider to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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