Registered Address Service

Meet the local requirements by using a valid and professional registered address for your offshore company in any of the 15+ jurisdictions.

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Registered Address Service

We are active in over 15 jurisdictions

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Registered Address Service



Meet local address requirement remotely from worldwide.



Use a professional address to ensure maximum privacy.



Comply with regulatory needs such as register maintenance.



Premium registered address service at very low cost.

What is a Registered Address?

The Registered Address is used for official correspondence from government authorities, and it ensures that your company has a valid and recognized location for receiving important documents and notices from the authorities.

  • It is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions that your company must have a physical address within that specific country.

  • Effectively manage your company's official mails from the authorities with confidence and professionalism, along with support in course of actions.

  • This helps protect your privacy and prevents unsolicited communications at your home or office from institutions such as banks, insurance companies, etc.


Why use a registered address?

Find out the benefits and reasons to using a registered address for your company

It is mandatory

It is Mandatory

Most of the offshore jurisdictions mandate that you use a local registered address when you are incorporating your company. Then it would be a legal requirement, which you must meet and abide by.

Enhanced Privacy

Enhanced Privacy

Enjoy enhanced privacy by using a local and professional registered address provider who will help keep you away from unsolicited communications. This adds an added layer of identity protection for your company.

Bridging Communication

Bridging Communication

A registered address acts as your point of contact for official communication from government bodies, banks, and regulatory authorities. Translation and interpretation of communications, becomes easy.

Professional Credibility

Professional Credibility

Maintaining a registered address can enhance your company's image, projecting professionalism and legitimacy to potential clients and partners, especially when operating in an international environment.

Document Registers

Document Registers

Important registers of directors, shareholders, and UBOs, as well as maintaining local active repositories of financial statements and documents as required by law, become streamlined with a registered address.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Knowing your company is in compliance with local regulations and has a reliable point of contact for official matters provides peace of mind and allows you to concentrate on managing and growing your business.


Are you a professional?

Attorneys, lawyers, finance professionals, investment advisors, and other professionals supporting clients with offshore formations and compliance: We can help you simplify processes and enhance client satisfaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions on using a registered address for offshore company formation and ongoing management

Can I use my home address as the Registered Address for my offshore company?

In most offshore jurisdictions, using a residential address as the Registered Address is not permitted. It is advisable to have a professional local business address or utilize an expert service, like Vepapu's Registered Address service, if you don't have a local physical presence in the country of your offshore company and to maintain privacy and comply with local regulations.

What are the benefits of using Vepapu's Registered Address service?

Vepapu's Registered Address service provides you with a professional and prestigious business address in the jurisdiction of your choice. We handle all incoming mail and official documents on your behalf, ensuring you never miss crucial correspondence and maintaining the confidentiality of your personal address.

Can I change my registered address after incorporating my offshore company?

Yes, you can typically change your registered address after incorporation by following the prescribed procedures of the jurisdiction. This may involve filing relevant forms, paying fees, and updating corporate records.

What happens if mail or documents are sent to my company's registered address?

Mail or documents sent to the registered address are typically received by a registered agent or service provider who handles them on behalf of the company. We may forward important correspondence or notify company officials over email for your timely action by offering total assistance.

Is a physical presence required at the Registered Address, or can it be a virtual service?

Most offshore jurisdictions require a Registered Agent to have a physical presence within the country to fulfill the legal requirements. However, with Vepapu's Registered Agent service, you can ensure your company's compliance from anywhere in the world and benefit from a professional business address without the need for a physical office space.

How does Vepapu ensure the security and privacy of my company's mail and documents at the Registered Address?

At Vepapu, we have robust security measures in place to safeguard your company's mail and documents. Our expert team handles all incoming mails with confidentiality and professionalism, ensures only you have access to your official mails via Vepapu's intuitive dashboard. We use industry standard technological tools to reduce human dependency and automate processes to ensure safety and security.

What should I look for when selecting a registered address provider?

Consider factors like:

1. Reputation and experience: Choose a well-established address provider with a proven track record.
2. Location and services offered: Ensure they operate in your chosen jurisdiction and offer the services you need.
3. Cost and fee structure: Compare fees and choose an address provider that fits your budget.
4. Communication and responsiveness: Select an address proider that is responsive to your inquiries and provides clear communication.

Can I use a registered address for other purposes besides company registration?

In many cases, registered addresses can only be used for company registration and related legal matters. Using it for other purposes may violate regulations or contractual agreements. It's advisable to clarify permissible uses with legal advisors.

What are the consequences of not maintaining a valid registered address for my offshore company?

Failure to maintain a valid registered address can lead to non-compliance with legal requirements, which may result in penalties, fines, or even dissolution of the company. It's crucial to ensure continuous compliance with registered address obligations.

Can I use the Registered Address for business operations, or is it solely for official correspondence?

While the Registered Address is primarily used for receiving official correspondence and legal notices, we do offer Business Addresses and Workspaces on request. So, feel free to reach out to us.

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