Registered Agent in the Seychelles

Meet the local Seychelles requirements by appointing a valid and professional Seychelles registered agent for your offshore company. We will take care of compliance and renewals for your Seychelles company remotely.

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Registered Agent in the Seychelles

Registered Agent Service



Meet Seychelles requirements remotely from worldwide.



Be stress-free and covered in a dynamic landscape.



Comply with any of the ongoing regulatory needs.



Premium registered agent service at very low cost.

Who is a registered agent in the Seychelles?

A registered agent is an intermediary between the company and the Seychelles government's company registry. The agent is required to be situated in the Seychelles, have an official license to act as an agent and be the Seychelles company's one-stop expert for any administrative changes.

  • Appointing a registered agent for your offshore company in the Seychelles is a crucial legal requirement laid down by the Seychelles government.

  • The registered agent is responsible for keeping records current and accessible for review by your company's directors, shareholders, and the Seychelles authorities

  • The registered agent is responsible for informing the Seychelles registry of any amendments to the organisation's official documents and structure.


Benefits of appointing a registered agent?

Find out the benefits and reasons to appoint a registered agent for your Seychelles company

It is mandatory

It is Mandatory

The Seychelles offshore jurisdiction mandates that you appoint a local registered agent when you are incorporating your Seychelles company. Hence, it is a legal requirement that you must meet and abide by.

Annual compliance

Annual Compliance

Whether you are filing annual forms and returns or renewing your company annually to keep your business setup in good standing, a registered agent will accompany you on-time through the complexities.

Regulatory Changes

Regulatory Changes

A registered agent will not let you experience the stress and heat of unexpected legal changes. The business landscape might seem dynamic but a registered agent will help you cope with it with efficiency.

Act as a middleman

Act as a Middleman

By acting as a bridge or a middleman, a registered agent will connect you and the government or authorities. All important and official communication will happen through the agent, who will solve any complexities.

Valuable expertise

Valuable Expertise

Take advantage of the valuable experience of the registered agent in areas such as bank account opening, structural alterations, ease of compliance, etc. A registered agent can act as your guide and well-wisher.

Ongoing management

Ongoing Management

Whether you are looking to change your company name, authorized share capital, add directors, etc., a registered agent will ensure such change requests are handled appropriately with the authorities for you in time.

Document Registers

Document Registers

Important registers of directors, shareholders, and UBOs, all the way up to maintaining local active repositories of financial statements and documents as required by law, become streamlined with a registered agent.

Peace of mind

Peace of Mind

You can focus on building your business while a registered agent navigates through hurdles and ensures your efforts and business are efficient and effective. You will not feel lost during your offshore company journey.


Duties of a registered agent

Learn the duties and responsibilities of a registered agent for your company in the Seychelles

Act as a middleman

Legal Compliance

Ensuring the company complies with all relevant laws and regulations of the Seychelles, including filing annual returns and maintaining corporate records.
Act as a middleman

Registered Office

Providing a registered office address within the Seychelles where legal documents and official correspondence can be served as mandated by the law.
Act as a middleman

Service of Process

Receiving legal documents, such as court summons, lawsuits, and government notices, on behalf of the company is taken care of without your presence.
Act as a middleman

Forwarding Documents

We forward received documents to your company's directors or officers along with a suggested course of action to ensure timely response and action.
Act as a middleman

Maintaining Records

Keeping accurate and up-to-date records of the company's directors, officers, shareholders, and ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) as mandated by the law.
Act as a middleman


Serving as the primary point of contact between the company and government authorities, legal entities, and other stakeholders by acting as a bridge.
Act as a middleman

Due Diligence

Conducting due diligence on behalf of the company, including verifying the identity of beneficial owners and ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) laws.
Act as a middleman

Filing Assistance

Assisting the company with the preparation and filing of necessary documents, such as annual returns and changes to your Seychelles company's corporate structure.
Act as a middleman

Renewal of Licenses

Ensuring the company's licenses and registrations are renewed on time to maintain legal status and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Are you a professional?

Attorneys, lawyers, finance professionals, investment advisors, and other professionals supporting clients with offshore formations and compliance: We can help you simplify processes and enhance client satisfaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions on appointing a registered agent for Seychelles offshore company formation and ongoing management

What is a registered agent, and why do I need one for my offshore company formation in the Seychelles?

A registered agent is a designated individual or entity responsible for receiving official documents, legal notices, and correspondence from the registrar of Seychelles on behalf of your offshore company. It is a legal requirement in the Seychelles to have a registered agent to ensure that your company has a local presence and can be reached by Seychellois authorities. The registered agent serves as a liaison between your company and the government, ensuring compliance with local regulations and facilitating communication.

Is a physical presence required for the Registered Agent in the Seychelles, or can it be a virtual service?

Seychelles does not explicitly require a physical presence for the registered agent, allowing for virtual services to fulfill this role. With Vepapu's Registered Agent service in Seychelles, you can ensure your company's compliance remotely and online, without the need for a physical office presence. This flexibility enables businesses to manage their offshore operations efficiently from anywhere in the world while meeting regulatory obligations in the Seychelles.

Is my company's information with the registered agent confidential?

Yes, the information provided to the registered agent in the Seychelles is typically treated as confidential and subject to strict privacy and data protection laws. Registered agents are bound by confidentiality obligations and must not disclose company information to third parties without authorization, except as required by law or regulatory authorities. This ensures the privacy and security of your company's sensitive data.

What happens if my company's registered agent resigns or becomes unable to fulfill their duties?

If your company's registered agent resigns or becomes unable to fulfil their duties in the Seychelles, you must promptly appoint a replacement registered agent to avoid any disruptions in communication or compliance. Seychelles requires companies to maintain a registered agent at all times, and failure to do so may result in penalties or administrative actions. Appointing a new registered agent ensures continuous compliance with Seychelles regulations.

How much does it cost to appoint a registered agent in the Seychelles to form an offshore company?

Say good-bye to the days when it used to cost around $10,000 to hire a local registered agent in the Seychelles. Thanks to Vepapu's efforts and transparency, you will get your Seychelles company incorporated, appoint a registered agent, and add a local registered address from just around $1,500.

Can I act as my company's registered agent, or is it required to appoint a third-party service in the Seychelles?

In the Seychelles, offshore companies are required to appoint a local registered agent to fulfill this role. While individuals or entities may fulfill the role of a registered agent, they must meet specific criteria and be licensed by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). It's essential to ensure compliance with Seychellois regulations by appointing a qualified and authorized registered agent to represent your company.

Can I change my company's registered agent in the Seychelles?

Yes, you can change your company's registered agent in Seychelles by following the procedures outlined by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). This typically involves filing a notice of change with the relevant authorities and obtaining consent from the new registered agent. It's crucial to notify all relevant parties, such as government agencies and financial institutions, to ensure a smooth transition.

Can a registered agent assist with the transfer of an offshore company's ownership or management?

While registered agents primarily handle administrative and compliance matters, some may offer assistance with the transfer of ownership or management of offshore companies in Seychelles. This could involve facilitating the execution of legal documents, updating company records, and liaising with relevant stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition process.

What happens if my company fails to maintain a registered agent in the Seychelles?

Failure to maintain a registered agent in Seychelles is a serious compliance breach and can result in penalties, fines, or even the deregistration of the company. Without a registered agent, the company would be unable to receive legal notices, which could lead to legal proceedings being conducted without the company's knowledge. It's crucial to ensure continuous compliance with Seychellois regulations by appointing and maintaining a registered agent for your offshore company.

How does Vepapu's registered agent service ensure the privacy and security of my company's information in the Seychelles?

Vepapu prioritizes the privacy and security of your company's information. We have strict confidentiality measures in place, and our expert team handles all sensitive documents and communications with the utmost professionalism. Your data is safeguarded and accessible only to authorized personnel.

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