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Nominee Director and Shareholder for Cayman Islands Companies

Protect your personal identity with a professional nominee director and/or shareholders while having total control of your Cayman Islands company with a secure nominee agreement.

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Adds an extra layer to your identity protection

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Secured interests with a Power of Attorney (PoA)

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Professional nominees to accompany you

Nominee Director and Shareholder for Cayman Islands Companies

Nominee Director/Shareholder Service



Local nominees are available for you remotely worldwide.



Utmost personal identity protection and privacy solution



Comply with regulatory needs and annual form filings.



Professional nominee service at a very affordable cost.

Who is a Nominee?

The Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder is a third party whose name will appear on the Cayman Islands company's formation paperwork as well as in documents submitted to the Registrar of Companies of the Cayman Islands, ensuring your real identity is kept private and confidential.

  • Why do you need a Nominee Director and/or a Nominee Shareholder?

  • Your personal information can be protected from being revealed in Cayman Islands government documents and public records.

  • An atmosphere of security and discretion is fostered by this additional layer of confidentiality and privacy.

  • Achieve the ability to manage operations and make crucial business decisions while enjoying the essence of total privacy.


Nominees for offshore companies

Find out the benefits and reasons to use a nominee director and/or nominee shareholder for your Cayman Islands company

Residency requirements

Residency requirements

Nominees fulfill residency obligations as they enable Cayman presence without physical residency, simplifying operations and meeting local regulations for certain industries that require resident directors or shareholders.

Enhanced Privacy

Enhanced Privacy

Nominees shield beneficial owners' identities, safeguarding personal information from public records. This layer of confidentiality ensures privacy and protects sensitive details like addresses and contact information.

Ownership Structure

Ownership Structure

Nominees offer flexibility in ownership arrangements, allowing beneficial owners to tailor their company's structure to meet specific business objectives. This adaptability enhances operational efficiency and strategic planning.

Professional Expertise

Professional Expertise

Nominees bring credibility and professionalism to the company. Leveraging their expertise, beneficial owners benefit from industry knowledge and Cayman Islands insights, enhancing overall business operations.

Enhanced security

Enhanced security

Nominees provide a layer of security for sensitive transactions or intellectual property protection. Their involvement can mitigate risks associated with certain business activities, safeguarding valuable assets and interests.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Beneficial owners enjoy peace of mind knowing that nominees handle administrative and legal matters. With nominees managing specific tasks, owners can focus on core business activities, ensuring total compliance.


Are you a professional?

Attorneys, lawyers, finance professionals, investment advisors, and other professionals supporting clients with offshore formations and compliance: We can help you simplify processes and enhance client satisfaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions on the usage of a nominee director and/or nominee shareholder for Cayman Islands offshore company formation and ongoing management

Are nominee services legal for Cayman Islands offshore companies?

Yes, nominee services are legal and commonly used for Cayman Islands offshore companies. These services facilitate privacy protection, asset protection, compliance with local regulations, and the avoidance of personal liability for beneficial owners. That being said, it's essential to ensure compliance with Cayman Islands laws and regulations regarding nominee arrangements, including disclosure requirements to relevant authorities as mandated by law.

Are nominee arrangements disclosed to authorities in the Cayman Islands?

In the Cayman Islands, nominee arrangements are typically disclosed to relevant authorities as part of regulatory compliance. While nominee services provide confidentiality and privacy for beneficial owners, Cayman Islands law requires certain disclosures to be made to regulatory bodies, ensuring transparency and adherence to legal requirements. These disclosures may include the identity of nominees and their roles within the offshore company, ensuring accountability and regulatory compliance in the jurisdiction.

Can I change or revoke the appointment of a nominee director or nominee shareholder?

Yes, you can generally change or revoke the appointment of a nominee director or nominee shareholder for a Cayman Islands offshore company. This process typically involves following the procedures outlined in the company's articles of association or relevant contractual agreements. It may require formal documentation and notification to the nominee and regulatory authorities, ensuring transparency and compliance with legal requirements.

Can nominees act as Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs)?

Nominees typically do not act as Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) but rather serve as intermediaries or representatives for the true beneficial owners. While nominees hold legal titles to assets or shares on behalf of the beneficial owners, they do not possess ultimate control or ownership rights. The beneficial owners retain the rights to profits, assets, and decision-making authority, with the nominees acting in a fiduciary capacity to execute the owners' instructions lawfully.

To clarify again, nominees cannot act as ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and Vepapu does not offer such arrangements.

Do nominee services impact taxation for Cayman Islands companies?

Nominee services for Cayman Islands offshore companies typically do not directly impact taxation. Taxation for offshore entities is primarily determined by the jurisdiction's tax laws, the nature of the business activities conducted, and the residency status of the company. While nominee arrangements may offer privacy and confidentiality benefits, taxation considerations are primarily influenced by factors such as corporate structure, income sourcing, and applicable tax treaties.

Do nominee directors or nominee shareholders have access to company funds or assets?

No, nominee directors or nominee shareholders typically do not have access to company funds or assets beyond their specified duties as outlined in the nominee agreement. Nominee arrangements are designed to provide privacy protection and facilitate compliance with legal requirements without granting nominees control over company assets or financial affairs. The roles and responsibilities of nominee directors or shareholders are usually limited to administrative functions, such as signing documents or attending board meetings, as directed by the beneficial owner or the company's governing documents.

Can I get a nominee arrangement for any business type?

It's important to note that while nominee services offer privacy protection and facilitate compliance with legal requirements, they are not provided for illegal activities or purposes related to money laundering. Industries deemed high-risk or associated with activities such as cryptocurrency trading, forex trading, gambling, money laundering, or tax evasion may be subject to heightened scrutiny, and nominee services may not be offered for such ventures. We adhere to strict compliance standards and ethical practices, refraining from engaging in activities that could compromise regulatory integrity or contribute to illicit financial activities.

How does the use of a nominee director benefit my offshore company in the Cayman Islands?

Nominee directors can provide confidentiality and privacy for company owners, shielding their identities from public disclosure. They can act as the face of the company in official filings and communications, preserving the anonymity of beneficial owners. Additionally, nominee directors may offer expertise in local regulations and corporate governance practices, ensuring compliance with Cayman Islands laws.

Can I appoint both a nominee director and a nominee shareholder for my offshore company?

Yes, it's common for offshore companies to appoint both nominee directors and nominee shareholders to safeguard the privacy and anonymity of beneficial owners. This dual appointment allows for comprehensive protection of the owner's identity while ensuring compliance with local corporate governance requirements.

How are nominee director/shareholder fees structured?

Fees for nominee services in the Cayman Islands start at around US$ 1,500 per year per nominee and they vary depending on the citizenship of the nominee, nature of your business, and level of service required. They may be structured as security deposits, one-time setup fees, annual retainer fees, and transaction-based fees. We will ensure that the charges are transparent and affordable.

What documents are required to appoint a nominee director/shareholder?

To appoint a nominee director/shareholder for a Cayman Islands offshore company, you typically need a nominee services agreement outlining roles and responsibilities. Additionally, provide ID documents and proof of address for verification. Further documentation may be needed to comply with AML/KYC regulations.

Are nominee director/shareholder services confidential?

Yes, nominee director and shareholder services are designed to uphold confidentiality and protect the privacy of beneficial owners. Service providers adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and legal obligations to safeguard the identities and interests of beneficial owners. Nominee arrangements involve legally binding contracts that outline the responsibilities, limitations, and confidentiality provisions to ensure the integrity of the relationship between nominees and beneficial owners. As such, nominee services offer a secure and discreet means for individuals and businesses to maintain anonymity while conducting legitimate and lawful activities.

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