Belize Company Formation

Belize Company Incorporation with our Package: Company Registration + Bank Account Opening + Registered Agent and Address + Annual Renewals, etc.

Belize Company Formation
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Why Belize?

Experience ease in your offshore business journey with fewer compliances.

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Low tax

Low Tax

Has a very low corporate tax rate of only 2.5%



No public record of company members' identities.

Low cost

Low Cost

One of the lowest incorporation & maintenance costs.

No Residency

No Residency

Foreigners can easily set up a company with no restrictions.

Complete PACKAGE

Company Registration Package

All-in-one and all-inclusive Belize company incorporation

Offshore company formation

Belize BC or LLC Formation

We will clear the paperwork and do everything needed to incorporate your company.

Registered agent and address for offshore company formation

Registered Agent and Address

Meeting mandatory legal requirements is streamlined remotely for you.

Certificate of Incorporation of a Belize International Business Company (IBC)
Bank account opening support

Bank Account Opening Support

Our experience assists in bank account opening at traditional banks or EMIs.

Annual filings and renewals

Annual Filings and Renewals

Say "no worries" to the annual renewals and complexities of timely filings.

total compliance

Incorporation is Just the First Step

Start Now

Complex legal requirements after company formation might make you feel overwhelmed. But no worries with Vepapu.

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Annual Filing Requirements

Enjoy ease in meeting the mandatory annual compliance requirements of filing forms and company renewal for your Belize company, done entirely online.

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Automated Compliance

Focus on your business while we notify you and take care of your upcoming important deadlines.

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Bookkeeping Done Right

Maintaining books of accounts is simple with Vepapu, & it is required for annual filings and total compliance.

Accounting and Bookkeeping
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Economic Substance Filing

Don't let the complex process of economic substance filings hinder your journey. We have got it covered.

GST Return Filing Deadline
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We Are Your Legal Admin

Ongoing company changes and the entire management process can be done online in just a few minutes.

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Flexible and secure payment options worldwide

Are you a professional?

Attorneys, lawyers, finance professionals, investment advisors, and other professionals supporting clients with offshore formations and compliance: We can help you simplify processes and enhance client satisfaction.

Docs & Info

Documents Required

Mandatory documents and information required for Belize company formation


If you are an individual:

Proof of Identity:

Included in the package

A certified true copy (scanned version) of the passport (valid for at least 6 months)

Included in the package

A comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (C.V.), Resumé, or Linkedin profile.

Proof of Address:

Included in the package

One of the scanned copies of a bank reference, bank statement, Utility bill, or Driver license.

It should clearly show the holder's full name along with a physical address written in English (P.O. Box addresses are not accepted).

It must be the most recent version and dated within the last 3 months.


If you are an organisation:

Company Documents:

Please provide us with certified true copy (scanned version) of the following company documents:

Included in the package

Certificate of Incorporation

Included in the package

Memorandum and Articles of Association / Constitution

Included in the package

Register of Director

Included in the package

Register of Shareholder / UBO

Included in the package

Extract of the company’s details from the Registrar of Companies, which can include any of the following: Business Profile / Certificate of Incumbency / Certificate of Good standing (valid for within 6 months if any).

Company Members:

All members of the corporation, including Directors, Shareholders, Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), and Contact persons, must provide identity and address proofs as mentioned above.

easy process

Incorporation in 4 Steps

Experience the quickest Belize company formation, entirely online

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Form Belize Company in 2 Days

Register your Belize company quickly with our expert assistance. We'll work with you throughout the journey of your company's registration and compliance management.

One (1)

Choose Package

Select the pre-built package or customize it according to your needs.

Two (2)

Provide Documents

We'll obtain all the relevant documents and information from you.

Three (3)

Company Registration

Application submission and follow up with the registrar for speedy approval.

Four (4)

Total Compliance

Annual filings and renewals done on time, remotely, to ensure compliance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions on company formation in Belize


Does my information get displayed publicly by the Belize government?

Information about the beneficiaries of the company must be communicated to the registrar, and it will not be made public under any circumstances. No one can find your confidential information, thanks to the privacy policy of Belize's company regulations and framework. A company may elect to submit to the Registrar for registration its register of directors and shareholders. However, the registers must be kept at the registered office and made available as per request by the relevant authorities.

If you want further safety, you can opt for a nominee director and nominee shareholder from Vepapu, where your details will not be shown to the registrar anywhere, but you will still be the ultimate beneficiary for your company.

Are there any taxes in Belize? Do I have to pay any taxes under my offshore company in Belize?

Effective January 1, 2020, Belize Business Companies (BCs) engaging in activities within Belize became subject to business tax. The tax rate varies from 1.75% to 6%, contingent on the specific nature of their business operations. Notably, BCs that are tax residents in foreign countries are exempt from corporate taxation.

The determination of your tax obligations in Belize hinges on the source of your income. Generally, if your income originates within Belize, such as when you work as an employee in the country, you are liable to pay taxes. However, if your BC is based in Belize and its income is generated from sources beyond the country's borders, you enjoy tax exemption.

Additionally, Belize Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) benefit from a range of exemptions within the country. This includes income tax, business tax, withholding tax, asset tax, gift tax, capital gains tax, distribution tax, inheritance tax, and estate duty. However, these exemptions apply exclusively to income or assets earned or located outside of Belize.

How can Vepapu help with forming and managing my offshore company in Belize?

Vepapu simplifies the journey of forming and managing your offshore company in Belize. Our all-inclusive platform and expert services cover every step. We offer registered agent services, local business addresses, nominee director and shareholder options, and even accounting plans. With Vepapu, you'll navigate compliance seamlessly and manage your company effortlessly through our user-friendly online dashboard. Change company details, alter share capital, and more with ease. Your offshore success story starts with Vepapu, and we will ensure your journey is smooth and hassle-free.

How do I form a company in Belize?

Typically, registering a Belize company involves six key steps:
1. Choose a business name and register it with the Belize Companies & Corporate Affairs Registry;
2. Submit the necessary documents and obtain your incorporation certificate;
3. If your business activities require it, obtain a business license or permit in accordance with local regulations;
4. Register for Income Tax and General Sales Tax with the relevant authorities;
5. If you plan to hire employees, register with the Belize Social Security Board;
6. While not mandatory, it is advisable to consider registering your intellectual property as a means of safeguarding your brand.

What are the different company types or structures available in Belize?

Below are the different forms of companies in Belize:
1. General Partnership;
2. Limited Partnership;
3. Private Company;
4. Limited Liability Company (LLC);
5. International Business Company.


Are there accounting and auditing requirements for Belizean companies?

Companies are not required to provide financial documents when filing annual returns; hence, there is no need to do accounting and/or bookkeeping. Companies are not required to provide financial documents when filing annual returns.

If you want to have an accurate financial picture of your company, you can opt for an accounting and bookkeeping plan from Vepapu. This makes your journey very simple, transparent, and data-driven.

Are there any annual filing or return submission requirements in Belize?

For Belize companies incorporated between January 1st and July 31st, the renewal should be completed before the company's anniversary date.

Likewise, companies formed in Belize from August 1st to December 31st must be renewed before July 31st of the following year.

We make sure that you don't miss these steps, so your business can run smoothly without any issues. We will inform you of these encounters at least 2 months in advance, which gives you flexibility to take actions easily on the Vepapu dashboard.

What ongoing compliance requirements do I need to fulfil for a Belizean offshore company?

The annual compliance obligations for non-resident companies in Belize are straightforward and involve the following requirements:

For non-resident companies:
1. Appointing at least one director/shareholder;
2. Keeping a registered agent and address within Belize;
3. Paying the annual government renewal fee;
4. Submitting an annual tax return or confirming tax exemption status.

In addition to the above, non-resident Belize LLCs should comply with:
5. Appointing at least one manager/member;
6. Filing an annual economic substance report.

Also, you have to pay an annual fee. This fee is based on the authorised share capital of the company. This keeps your company compliant with Belizean rules and regulations.

Are there any obligations to conduct Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the British Virgin Islands?

No, a BVI Exempted Company isn't required to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) as per the Companies Law. But if the company's Articles of Association say it should or if most of the Board of Directors agree, then an AGM can happen. It's not a must, but it's possible if you want to have one.

Are there any obligations to conduct the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Belize?

No, a Belizean BC or LLC isn't required to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) as per the Companies Law. But if the company's Articles of Association say it should or if most of the Board of Directors agree, then an AGM can happen. It's not a must, but it's possible if you want to have one.


Does my Belize company need local directors or shareholders?

No, it's not mandatory to appoint local directors or shareholders when establishing your offshore company in Belize. While a company must have at least one director, you can serve as the director regardless of your nationality, place of origin, or residence.

Optionally, you can use Vepapu's Nominee Director and/or Nominee Shareholder services to hide your identity in your company formation documents as well.

Can a foreigner or foreign company register a company in Belize?

Foreign individuals are welcome to establish companies in Belize, and the government actively encourages 100% foreign ownership. The setup process is straightforward for foreigners, featuring minimal requirements. Notably, there are no residency prerequisites for directors.

What types of shares can Belize BC issue?

With the exception of bearer shares, Belize Business Companies (BCs) are allowed to issue a wide range of share types, including voting and non-voting shares, common shares, preferred shares, and redeemable shares.

Do I need to have a local Registered Address in Belize?

A local address in Belize is an initial requirement for registering a Belize offshore company. This address is used solely for documentation purposes and does not serve as a mailing address.

What is the minimum number of directors or shareholders required to form a company in Belize?

A minimum of one director and/or shareholder is required to form a company in Belizean IBC. It can be a person or an entity.

A Belize LLC is required to have a minimum of one manager and one member, and these individuals must satisfy the following conditions:
1. A single individual can fulfill both the roles of manager and member;
2. Both the manager and member can be either natural persons or legal entities;
3. They may be residents or non-residents of Belize.


How long will it take to incorporate a company in Belize?

Normally, the time it takes to establish a Belize company typically ranges from 2 business days to 2 weeks to receive approval from the registrar, depending on the complexity of your business. We're here to make sure your company's journey is as smooth and speedy as possible.

What are the documents and requirements to form a company in Belize?

To establish a Belizean company, you must meet the following prerequisites:

1. Selecting a distinctive business name;
2. Appointing at least one director, whether a Belize resident or non-resident;
3. Maintaining an official registered office address within Belize;
4. Engaging the services of a registered agent based in Belize;
5. Submitting all necessary documentation to the Registrar;
6. Fulfilling registration fees as stipulated by the authorities.

Documents required to form a company in Belize are:
1. Notarized / Certified true copies of valid passports for all directors/shareholders; and
2. Notarized / Certified true copies of residency proofs for all company directors and shareholders (i.e., utility bill or credit card bill).

These are the general documents needed for your Belize offshore company's formation.

How much does it cost to form a company in Belize?

Registering a Belizean company may encompass various costs, including the incorporation fee, business license fee, registered agent fee, and additional incidental expenses such as bank charges, legal consultations, document notarization, and translation services.

While completing the company formation procedure with Vepapu, you can go through our transparent pricing before you commit anything. There will be no additional or hidden costs associated with forming your company in the Cayman Islands while working with Vepapu.

How to name an International Business Company (IBC) or LLC in Belize?

Belizean LLC's name should include terms indicating its business structure, such as "Limited Liability Company," with acceptable abbreviations being "L.L.C." or "LLC." A Belizean International Business Corporation (IBC) can be formed using any language and is required to conclude with one of these suffixes: Limited, Corporation, Incorporation, Société Anonyme, Sociedad Anónima, or their respective abbreviations.

We've got you covered - we offer unlimited name checks with the Belize registrar. So, if your preferred name is available, you're all set.

What is the minimum Minimum Registered Capital or Authorised Share Capital in Belize?

No specific minimum registered or paid-up capital is mandated for a Belize BC. The standard authorized capital often amounts to US$50,000, and all issued shares must be fully paid. Likewise, Belize LLCs are not obliged to maintain a minimum authorized capital amount.

What types of businesses are Belizean BCs not allowed to carry on?

1. Engaging in business transactions with Belize residents;
2. Owning interests or real estate within Belize;
3. Holding shares in local Belizean companies.

Belizean BCs that are licensed under IFSC are required to establish a physical presence within Belize and submit annual tax returns.

How does the Economic Substance Act affect your Belize company?

The Economic Substance Act, 2019 in Belize applies to certain Belize international business entities (BCs) that engage in relevant activities or are governed by the Belize IFSC Act.

Banking, insurance, fund management, finance and leasing, corporate headquarters, shipping, holding companies, and distribution and service centers are all considered "relevant activities" under the Belize ES regime.

Under this system, each relevant activity that is conducted by each in-scope BC shall be subject to the economic substance test or compliance obligations.

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