Bahamas Company Formation

Bahamas Company Incorporation with our Package: Company Registration + Bank Account Opening + Registered Agent and Address + Annual Filings and Renewals, etc.

Bahamas Company Formation
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Why the Bahamas?

Experience ease in your offshore business journey with fewer compliances.

Bahamas country's national flag
Zero tax

Zero Tax

Zero income tax, corporate tax, VAT or wealth tax.



No public record of company members' identities.



It is one of the wealthiest Caribbean countries.

No Residency

No Residency

Foreigners can easily set up a company with no restrictions.

Complete PACKAGE

Company Registration Package

Offshore company formation

Bahamas IBC Company Formation

We will clear the paperwork and do everything needed to form your company.

Registered agent and address for offshore company formation

Registered Agent and Address

Meeting mandatory legal requirements is streamlined remotely for you.

Certificate of Incorporation of a Bahamas International Business Company (IBC)
Bank account opening support

Bank Account Opening Support

Our experience assists in bank account opening at traditional banks or EMIs.

Annual filings and renewals

Annual Filings and Renewals

Say "no worries" to the annual renewals and complexities of timely filings.

total compliance

Incorporation is Just the First Step

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Annual Filing Requirements

Enjoy ease in meeting the mandatory annual compliance requirements of filing forms and company renewal for your Bahamas company, done entirely online.

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Automated Compliance

Focus on your business while we notify you and take care of your upcoming important deadlines.

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Bookkeeping Done Right

Maintaining books of accounts is simple with Vepapu, & it is required for annual filings and total compliance.

Accounting and Bookkeeping
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Economic Substance Filing

Don't let the complex process of economic substance filings hinder your journey. We have got it covered.

GST Return Filing Deadline
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We Are Your Legal Admin

Ongoing company changes and the entire management process can be done online in just a few minutes.

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Flexible and secure payment options worldwide

Are you a professional?

Attorneys, lawyers, finance professionals, investment advisors, and other professionals supporting clients with offshore formations and compliance: We can help you simplify processes and enhance client satisfaction.

Docs & Info

Documents Required


If you are an individual:

Proof of Identity:

Included in the package

A certified true copy (scanned version) of the passport (valid for at least 6 months)

Included in the package

A comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (C.V.), Resumé, or Linkedin profile.

Proof of Address:

Included in the package

One of the scanned copies of a bank reference, bank statement, Utility bill, or Driver license.

It should clearly show the holder's full name along with a physical address written in English (P.O. Box addresses are not accepted).

It must be the most recent version and dated within the last 3 months.


If you are an organisation:

Company Documents:

Please provide us with certified true copy (scanned version) of the following company documents:

Included in the package

Certificate of Incorporation

Included in the package

Memorandum and Articles of Association / Constitution

Included in the package

Register of Director

Included in the package

Register of Shareholder / UBO

Included in the package

Extract of the company’s details from the Registrar of Companies, which can include any of the following: Business Profile / Certificate of Incumbency / Certificate of Good standing (valid for within 6 months if any).

Company Members:

All members of the corporation, including Directors, Shareholders, Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), and Contact persons, must provide identity and address proofs as mentioned above.

easy process

Incorporation in 4 Steps

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Form Bahamas Company in 2 Days

Register your offshore company in the Bahamas quickly with our expert assistance. We'll work with you throughout the journey of your company's registration and compliance management.

One (1)

Choose a Package

Select the pre-built package or customize it according to your needs.

Two (2)

Provide Documents

We'll obtain all the relevant documents and information from you.

Three (3)

Company Registration

Application submission and follow up with the registrar for speedy approval.

Four (4)

Total Compliance

Annual filings and renewals done on time, remotely, to ensure compliance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my company need local directors or shareholders in the Bahamas?

There is no need to have local directors or shareholders to form your offshore company in the Bahamas. A company must have at least one director, but it can be yourself, irrespective of your country of citizenship, origin, or residence. The Bahamas welcome foreign investors; therefore, the company formation is flexible for any nationality. This means that you can establish a Bahamas company with directors and shareholders who are not residents of Bahamas.

You can use Vepapu's Nominee Director and/or Nominee Shareholder services to hide your identity in your company formation documents as well.

Does my information be displayed publicly by the Bahamas government?

The Bahamas is known for having regulations that provide a level of privacy for company directors, shareholders, and beneficial owners. Thanks to the regulations and system of the Bahamas, your information will be kept confidential and not publicly disclosed. It is totally confidential. The Bahamas’ International Business Companies (IBC) Act of 1990 avoids sharing information about its companies with any other countries.

The company's register of directors and shareholders must be kept at the registered address, but does not need to file with the Registrar, and thus the information is not available to the general public.

Is a physical office in the Bahamas mandatory for incorporation?

A registered address in the Bahamas is required to form a company. It is mandatory to incorporate a company in the Bahamas. It is a legal requirement and without it, we cannot proceed to file the documents with the registrar for your company's incorporation.

But Vepapu is already covering this service for you, which means, you do not need to have a physical office in Bahamas to incorporate.

What are the requirements to maintain a Bahamas company?

Annual Company Renewal: A Bahamas IBC is required to undergo an annual company renewal process. This renewal typically involves the payment of annual government fees and the submission of updated company information to the relevant authorities. This process should be completed before the anniversary of the company's incorporation or previous renewal.

Annual General Meetings (AGM): Unlike some jurisdictions, Bahamas IBCs are not required to hold Annual General Meetings. If you choose to hold AGMs, they can be conducted anywhere and need not be held in the Bahamas.

Annual Report Filings: Unlike certain other types of companies, IBCs in the Bahamas are not obligated to file annual reports with the local authorities.

Are there any taxes in the Bahamas? Do I have to pay any taxes under my offshore company in the Bahamas?

These companies will be subject to any tax that is not considered nominal, which means that it is not close to zero or negligible. Companies are no longer exempt from taxes, they are not currently subject to corporate income tax due to the 0% rate.

In addition to the 0% corporate tax rate, the Bahamas also does not impose capital gains tax, estate tax, inheritance tax, or succession tax.

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