Wyoming LLC Taxation for Non-US Residents: A Comprehensive Guide

Wyoming LLC Taxation for Non-US Residents: A Comprehensive Guide

Setting up a Wyoming LLC as a non-US resident can be a great option for various reasons, such as limited liability protection and ease of management. However, understanding the taxation rules is critical to avoid any surprises down the line. This article will explain the tax implications of establishing a Wyoming LLC for non-US residents and provide some useful tips on how to navigate the process. Whether you're considering starting a new business or expanding your existing one, this guide will help you make an informed decision.

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October 19, 2023
April 23, 2023

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Wyoming LLC Taxation for Non-US Residents: A Comprehensive Guide

Wyoming is known for being an attractive option for businesses due to its business-friendly environment. From a taxation standpoint, non-US residents should understand their obligations when operating a Wyoming LLC. This includes familiarizing themselves with the various taxes that apply and the benefits of any applicable tax treaties. With the right knowledge, entrepreneurs can unlock the potential advantages of operating a Wyoming LLC from abroad.

Wyoming LLC Taxation for Non US Residents:

The following tax options are available to businesses in Wyoming:

Companies that hold holdings

Intangible assets like stocks, bonds, bank accounts, and intellectual property are held by holding companies, which are created to hold real estate, intellectual property, and other companies. Many Wyoming holding companies are created to hold intangible assets like stocks, bonds, bank accounts, and intellectual property. Intangible assets are exempt from tax in Wyoming, so holding companies will not be taxed on them.

  • Holding companies with property in Wyoming may be required to pay property taxes.
  • Industrial property is taxed at a rate of 11.5% in Wyoming.
  • Taxes on commercial, residential, and other properties are 9.5 percent.

It is also necessary for limited liability companies in Wyoming to file an annual report with the secretary of state and pay an annual report fee for Wyoming-based properties. There is a minimum annual report fee of $50 or $.0002 per dollar of business assets in Wyoming, but LLCs with assets of less than $250,000 pay the minimum fee of $50.

Companies based outside of the state

Wyoming's beneficial business environment, as well as its tax incentives, makes it attractive to lots of entrepreneurs from outside the state who want to become a Wyoming LLC. To do this, they must have a nexus with the state - which means their presence in the state is enough for them to be taxed by the authorities. Starting the process requires them to find a virtual office in Wyoming.

Companies that operate online

In Wyoming, businesses that operate online and don't have a physical presence in the state won't collect sales tax. As such, customers who buy products or services through an online store based in the state won't have to pay taxes either. Though, if the company has an office located in Wyoming, it will be subject to taxation. If someone wants a Wyoming LLC address but doesn't live there, they can just create a virtual office and take advantage of the associated tax benefits.

Residents of countries other than the United States

Since many of these businesses do not maintain a physical office in Wyoming, their tax status is like that of online businesses, and they do not have to pay Wyoming state taxes.

How to Pay Zero Taxes with a Wyoming LLC as a Non-Resident

Business Entity Tax Rates

All Wyoming corporations must pay taxes as other U.S. companies do, according to the regulations of the Treasury Department. It requires you to file Form 1120 if your business is incorporated in the U.S., and its only liable for tax on any income earned domestically. The Internal Revenue Service imposes a 30 percent tax on all domestic income made by these LLCs, which should be filled at year-end with Form 1040NR. Any excess payment will be reimbursed by the IRS if it turns out to be greater than what was expected.

Before you submit your LLC tax returns to the IRS, it is highly recommended that you hire a tax withholding agent to determine the precise amount required. Many international business owners choose to create corporations in order to bypass the complex filing process, unless the LLC will only be operating outside of the U.S., which would mean no obligations to U.S. taxes. If you still want more information on Wyoming LLC tax filing specifications, consider posting your legal query on UpCounsel's site. Only the top 5 percent of attorneys gain acceptance into UpCounsel, and they boast an average of 14 years experience alongside renowned companies like Google, Menlo Ventures, and Airbnb.

What are the tax implications for non-residents doing business in the United States?

The tax system is one of the biggest questions people have when forming a business. Although it may seem complicated at first, it is actually quite simple. Taxes will only be paid by foreign owners of Wyoming or Delaware if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The United States is where you live
  2. There are full-time employees at your company in the United States
  3. You own or rent real estate in the United States
  4. A year in which you spend more than six months in the United States

If none of these statements apply to you, you will most likely not have to pay income tax in the US if you form a US LLC.

There is no mention of having customers inside the US in any of the statements above. Where you provide the services is what matters, not where the services are provided. The IRS still requires a simple tax declaration every year by April 15th, even if you don't owe taxes. Here's how it works!

Filing and reporting requirements for foreign-owned LLCs

Filing & Reporting Requirements for Foreign-Owned LLC in US

Foreign-owned, single-member LLCs are required to file three main forms.

  • Form 5472+1120
  • FBAR
  • 1040-NR

Form 5472 of the Internal Revenue Service

In 2017, the IRS adjusted Form 5472 to make it usable for LLCs that are foreign owned. Originally, the Form 5472 was meant to be used only by United States corporations, but it can now be used by LLCs as well. In addition to your 5472 form, you must include a pro-forma 1120, or cover page. In order to file either of these forms, your LLC must have an EIN.

Please provide the following information when filling out this form:

  1. During that tax year, money moved from the non-US owner to the LLC
  2. During that tax year, the LLC transferred money to the non-US owner
  3. Your LLC's paperwork and formation documents.

In order to file this form correctly, we recommend using Vepapu. Vepapu is an affordable company formation and maintenance firm that specializes in filing non-resident tax returns. Vepapu helps founders from all over the world at a very affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Wyoming a good place to form?

The most popular and least expensive state to form in, Wyoming is also convenient for business owners and has strong privacy safeguards.

As the sole owner of a U.S. LLC and a non-U.S. person, do I have to file a tax return and pay income tax?

As the LLC's owner is not physically present in the US, there is no income connected to the US since the LLC is providing services remotely. As a result, the LLC will not be liable for US taxes, except for the annual registration fee charged by the state where it was registered, and it will not be required to file income tax either. Nevertheless, keep in mind that even though you might not be generating income in the U.S., you may be liable for income tax in your home country on this income.

Does anything change if I import and sell goods in the U.S.?

A business's income must be reported to the IRS if it sells goods in the US. We recommend hiring a CPA to handle your tax issues if you are a non-resident and you have trouble understanding the form. You can file your US income on the 1040NR form, but it can be difficult to understand.

If the LLC has multiple owners, what should be done?

Even if an LLC has no income, a federal tax return must be filed if there are more than one owner (partnership, S corporation, or C corporation).

If my company is not an LLC, what should I do?

A corporation is distinct from an LLC, filing taxes and meeting its liability obligations independently of its proprietors. Money cannot be transferred between the shareholders or owners and the company in a discretionary fashion. However, it can pay the owners reimbursements for costs that they incur on behalf of the enterprise, as well as remuneration for services they render to it. The only way for shareholders to gain profits from the business is through dividends issued by the corporation.

When and how should I file my tax return?

In most cases, you need to file your tax return by April 15. For multi-member LLCs, you must file by March 15. You can file an extension by that date, and the new extended due date becomes September 15.

Is there a state income tax?

In contrast to federal income tax, which applies to all income earned in the United States, this tax is only applicable to C corporations located in a state.

How to form a Wyoming LLC Taxation for Non-US Residents?

Now that you have a better understanding of Wyoming incorporation, we are here to help. Our services cover many aspects of starting and growing your business. Start bringing your business idea to life by incorporating a company in Wyoming today.
We'll guide you through the process to make sure you have everything you need to start your business. We provide Wyoming Registered Agent Services, U.S. Virtual Business Address, EIN Application Services, Bank Account Opening Services, Annual Compliance Reminders, U.S. Tax Return Services, and many more to facilitate the formation and maintenance of your Wyoming company, wherever you are in the world.

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